We seek to cultivate positive relationships with our employees by building an organizational culture that promotes an environment of respect, as well as a sense of belonging and identification with personal purposes. Equal treatment and recognition of desired attitudes and skills are principles of the Company's people management.

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We have created a Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Program to create a diverse and inclusive environment, respecting the diversity of our employees. This program includes a Diversity Committee (strategic level), a Work Group (tactical level), and Affinity Groups for the following topics:

  • Gender
  • PwD
  • Ethnicity
  • Seniority


We carry out socially responsible actions in line with our business strategy in the main regions where we operate. We understand that being socially responsible means prioritizing actions that positively impact people's daily lives.

See below for our main social responsibility actions:

Supply Chain

The company has a structured assessment process, ensuring that suppliers are legally constituted, up to date with their corporate, fiscal, tax, labor, technical, financial, social, and environmental obligations, including health and safety, attesting to their reputation and service capacity. Thus, we only work with business partners whose conduct is in line with our practices and values.

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We have several important initiatives to minimize current and future environmental impacts. We invest in a low carbon economy by implementing projects focused on eco-efficiency to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, we have a well-structured waste management process and we continually carry out awareness-raising actions for rational and efficient consumption of natural resources.

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Our relationship with our stakeholders is guided by ethics and transparency, values that underlie NotreDame Intermédica decision-making progress. We disclose our main information through the Sustainability Report, based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology, in addition to other reports and commitments.

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In this place you can check our main documents divided by themes, in their most recent versions or from previous years.