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The Preventive Medicine Program are let by specialized multidisciplinary teams, which meet the needs of beneficiaries and support their family members.

Como funcionam nossos programas

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We also offer:

Below, you can check our Preventive Medicine programs.

PAC – Support to Patients with Chronic Diseases

The specialists of this Program follow the health of patients with arterial hypertension, diabetes, obesity, back problems, asthma, bronchitis and heart diseases, but they didn’t lose their autonomy.

PAI – Elderly Assistance Program

The PAI (Elderly Assistance Program) give a management of the patient’s health with specific chronic diseases, helping them in general treatments and in possible complications. They provide guidance, clarification and emotional support over the phone.

PGS – Safe Pregnancy Program

The Safe Pregnancy Program aim is to promote the pregnant women’s health and, by this, improve the family’s quality life. The monitoring is performed during the pregnancy and in the post-partum period by several specialized professionals, including by phone. The patients that need are referred to free of charge courses and physician’s appointment with nursing care or with well-known physicians.

CASE – High Complexity Cases

The Program offers the specialized multidisciplinary support in the service of complexes chronic pathologies, that require cares and attentions from several services and professionals, in a modern and specific structure.


The oncology program for patients and family members, which the proposal is to offer support and the most efficient treatments throughout the whole process, has a solid infrastructure and a highly qualified team who will look after those in need in such a delicate moment.

A iniciativa atende, exclusivamente, pacientes que receberam alta hospitalar e persistem com manifestações clínicas da doença.


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