The NotreDame Intermédica is the pioneer in Preventive Medicine and offers the best solutions in health and odontology. Founded in 1968 and with headquarters in São Paulo (State of São Paulo), handles health insurance and dental plans. We employee more the 20 thousand collaborators and we have more than 7.7 million beneficiaries.

The Groups stands out for offering quality services in Particular and Licensed Networks of Clinical Centers, Hospitals, medical center and maternities, besides odontology clinics. One of our main goals is to promote a service based in the best care and safety for our patients.

We stimulate the establishing of healthy habits to provide quality of life and well-fare to the beneficiaries.

Check some of our numbers


More than 50 years in the Country


7,7 million beneficiaries


22 thousand collaborators


87 Clinical Centers, 17 Units of Preventive Medicine, 25 Autonomous Medical Centers, 37 hospitals, 72 collection points for clinical analysis, 12 Units for image exams and 3 Health Centers exclusively for 50+ beneficiaries


Make accessible health quality to generations of Brazilian


Be the major player of innovations in health managements, guaranteeing the quality and assistance sustainability to our Clients.


A NotreDame Intermédica possui mais de 50 anos de história, pautada pela inovação e pioneirismo, com foco na excelência em prestação de serviços à saúde, qualidade de vida e bem estar de seus Clientes. 

Irlau Machado Filho

Destaques da nossa história